Love it or hate it, LinkedIn is a proven platform for just about any business-related activity.Want to build your company brand? LinkedIn is a good place to start. Wanna promote some content and engage in discussions about the latest tactics? Look no further. But most people get LinkedIn wrong, and therefore, most LinkedIn content sucks. Horribly.

We see social media as this tool to reach the masses with our content. And sure, people engage with it. But we often don’t engage back. We just assume that people will click, comment, and engage.Start treating your LinkedIn audience like real people. Talk to them. Explore their thoughts on your niche or tactical ideas.

Humans love real conversations. Shocker, right?

Most people use social media for one overarching reason: to drive traffic somewhere. But when it comes to LinkedIn, keeping people on the platform itself can often produce better engagement. While it’s nice to have some clicks on your latest post, it likely isn’t your cash cow tactic.

Want real engagement? 

Take advantage of our LinkedIn groups fantastic native content system and produce short stories that hook your audience in without forcing them off the platform or disrupting their session. While this will drive direct traffic to your site, you’re going to be focusing on the long game. Hooking people and branding yourself at the same time. Good content wins people over every single time. And you don’t need to win them over on your own site at first.

Group owners and managers can share valuable content with group members using recommended group posts. This is an opportunity to keep members informed about the latest conversations and important news in the community.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Create a weekly roundup of interesting posts.
  • Share announcements of important information or events.
  • Highlight interesting or trending conversations.

To prevent spam and unwanted notifications, the number of members receiving notifications will vary. Member’s will receive notifications dependent on proprietary algorithems that are specific to each member’s notification frequency and whether they have chosen to opt out of these types of notifications.

Group members can turn off recommended post notifications at any time.

With just a few hundred words and time from our day, We can produce content that grabs attention, generating hundreds of likes, multiple dozen comments, and 50+ shares.

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